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The Key to Dominating the Poker Tables

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In order to win money at the online poker website on a consistent basis, you need to play in a way that puts you in the best position to dominate. Too many players watch poker on television and think that they need to be in every hand chasing to the river to bad beat their opponent. The truth of the matter is winning is hard work, but a few key changes to your game and your bankroll will explode.

Slowing Down Your Betting
Poker can be very methodical when you play online even though the action is very fast. You might see 50 hands an hour, but that does not mean you have to be in all 50 hands. The key to growing your bankroll is sitting out some hands and actually watching others play while you are sitting out. When you are not in every hand, you have the chance to see which players are bluffing all the time, which chase to the river with junk, and which bully the blinds on a regular basis. Keep good notes and your winnings will pile up very quickly.

Play Lower Limit Tables
If you want to grow your winnings, you have to stop putting all your chips at risk at the no limit tables. There are plenty of lower limit tables where you can have just as much fun taking others chips without having to risk everything. The big advantage to the lower limit tables is that you will be able to survive a bad beat when it eventually hits you. The other good news is less skilled players are at these tables while the pros are elsewhere, so you can really start cashing in when these players make those mistakes that all rookies tend to make when they rush to play online poker.

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